How to choose between loan products?

Organization, which values its clients, in the first place is governed by the clients’ needs, and does not aim to sell any services at any price, especially when you do not need these services.

We all are attracted to such advertisements, as “credit for anyone and for any purpose”, “credit without the first installment”, “credit with 0% annual rate”. This looks very tempting and attractive. However, such credits often fail to solve our problems, and result in excessive indebtedness of the borrower, which is not an intention of credits.

In TBC Kredit first of all we look at financial status of the borrower, i.e. how you will be able to pay off the whole credit sum within the certain period. Your wages, additional income, expenditures on municipal services, costs of nutrition, transport and other monthly expenditures are taken into account. After deduction of all these expenditures from your income you will get a sum that can be directed to repayment of credit.

It is important to pay attention to the following:
1. reliability and track record of credit organization
it is important for the organization to operate openly (with transparency) providing all necessary information to its clients. And do not forget that you, in turn, provide detailed information about your financial circumstances. Reliable organization, caring about its reputation, first of all takes care about its clients, consulting them about crediting, assisting with right decision when selecting credit.

2. terms of credit
compare terms of credits in various credit organizations, not just annual percent rates on credit. Only in this case you will be able to determine whose credit is cheaper (lower-interest). Take an interest in all expenditures related to obtaining of credit, and do not hesitate to ask questions. Be aware what you are paying for!  Potential expenditures: interest amount for the whole term of credit, commission, insurance, any other additional costs.

3. rate of interest, not only schedule of payments
Some clients are not interested in rate of interest; they are only interested in monthly payments for credit. One should not rely on credit organizations that do not provide information about the credit rate.